Renting and Leasing Made Easy 

The real estate market isn’t just for those buying and selling homes. Real Estate Rentals and Leases account for a good portion of the work we do at Goldcap Realty.

Understanding Terms and the Fine Print

Rentals and leases often involve more fine print and terms that aren’t commonly used in everyday life. Whether you are a renter, lease or a landlord, Goldcap Realty wants to help you go through the paperwork involved with renting and leasing properties. We strive to help you understand real estate lingo and put it in simpler terms. This gives you a solid grasp of transactions and agreements made. Oftentimes, renters and leasees go into agreements with landlords that they may not fully understand. As a result, they may violate the agreements and contracts signed, causing unnecessary legal tension and legal fees. If you are a client with Goldcap Realty, we protect your interests by helping you understand the smaller details that are important in real estate contracts, whether you are a renter, leasee, or a landlord. We also strive to help landlord get their listings known to the public with all the right paperwork. Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients understand the negotiations, terms and commitments they make when renting out or leasing a property.

Finding The Right Place For You

Renting and Leasing may not be as permanent as buying a house, but it does involve a level of commitment to search for a place that fits your needs and wants. The Goldcap Realty team actively listens to your needs and wants and works with these details to find a place perfect for you. Whether you are a business, restaurant or a Guelph student attending the University, the Goldcap Realty team is here to help you find listings that make the most sense for your lifestyle. We want to save you the hours of guesswork and confusion so you can put your energy to better use in your career and your personal benchmarks. Our goal is to make our clients comfortable and well informed when choosing and agreeing to rents or leases.